Punching Bag Fat Bertha 210 x 59 cm - 7ft

Debela Berta je velikanka med boksarskimi vrečami, saj je visoka kar 210 in široka 59 centimetrov!
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The Fat Bertha punching bag is a very special punching bag that will stand out wherever it is placed. The bag is intended primarily for clubs and societies, but many people will want to have it at home as well.
Characteristics of a punching bag
  • dimensions: 210 x 59 centimeters - 7ft x 2 ft
  • filling: the bag is filled with a combination of textile chips and foam
  • weight: the final weight is about 140 kilograms
  • purpose of use: for all types of martial arts
  • material: extremely high quality and durable plasticized canvas
The Fat Bertha punching bag is designed for training all hand punches and leg kicks. The size of the bag allows you to train the strongest hand punches and leg strikes, while the bag will be relatively quite fixed and will not run away from you.
With a punching bag over pounds and for a better immune system
A punching bag workout is incredibly effective at consuming calories. Numerous studies show that increasing muscle groups in the body are involved in boxing training. However, with intense training with a boxing bag, you can burn more calories than in any other sports activity.
Boxing bag training is also an ideal exercise for strengthening the immune system, as hitting a punching bag eliminates stress (a big factor in various diseases). Increased physical activity stimulates the cardiovascular system, increases the need for oxygen, which has been proven to have a basic effect on our blood and consequently on the whole body.
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